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Key Contacts

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OLLI Staff

  • Chris McLeod, Director, 919-684-2703, chris.mcleod@duke.edu  
  • Kathy Parrish, Assistant to the Director, 919-681-3476, kathy.parrish@duke.edu
  • Betina Huntwork OLLI Staff  919.684.6259  betina.huntwork@duke.edu


Instructor Relations Committee


Curriculum Committee 

  • Beth Anderson, Chair, 919-260-2466, beaadvocate@gmail.com 

    Area Chairs

  • Art and Architecture: Chuck Berlin, 412-736-7323, cberlin@pitt.edu
  • Computers & Photography: Howard Koslow, 919-943-9799, howard.koslow@gmail.com
  • Economics, Finance and Retirement: Sara Craven, 919-490-0150, craven17@gmail.com
  • Hands-On Art: Lu Howard, 919-309-4925, llhoward@nc.rr.com and Jeane Bross, 919-268-5947, norskejob@gmail.com   
  • History & Current Affairs: Ginger Wilson, 919-383-1773, wilson@ncssm.edu
  • Lifestyles: Rosemary Dineen, 773-355-9099, rowlowd@yahoo.com

  • Literature & Languages: Richard Weintraub, 919-688-0667, richardwolli@aol.com
  • Performing Arts: Charles Del Dotto, 919-423-8103, cjdeldotto@gmail.com
  • Religion & Philosophy: Murat Tasar, 540-522-1104, muratftasar@gmail.com
  • Sciences & Technology: Phil Carl, 919-967-3530, pcarl@bellsouth.net
  • Society & Culture: Margaret Brill, 919-641-0155, mbrill999@gmail.com
  • Wellness Activities: Rosemary Dineen, 773-355-9099, roelowd@yahoo.com 
  • Writing: Paul Deblinger, 919-259-9789, pdeblin@gmail.com


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